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Complete Payment Solution

Payment split

With the Customizable Payment Split, the commission amount is transferred to your account and the remaining amount is already sent to the seller's account, without you having to worry about manually operating the transfers.


The Recurrence Process is an ideal transaction modality for establishments that offer products and services with periodic payments / subscriptions(daily, weekly, monthly or annual).


We perform integration with Open APIs, in a way that allows communication with other interfaces, such as web services and data files, storing data and running services remotely.


The Structuring of Marketplace has efficient tools, so that the payment split is done automatically, at the time of payment and also allows integration with other software and applications.


Offer customized machines with your brand to your customers and gain in the rate of acquisition and anticipation.

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We accelerate your business

Your business is our priority!!! Your success is our challenge!!! With these premises, our entire team surrenders fully to make your business take off. We are together to overcome your challenges and build a better future for your company.

Technology and innovation

Develope the potential of our team goes beyond cutting-edge Technologies, we go through constant Upgrades, raising professional and interpersonal knowledge, adding value to each Project carried out.


Our onboarding servisse ensures a closer monitoring of each costumer, beyond to having specialists who guarantee a live support to any difficulties encountered.


We develop software always aiming to be the differential of your business, optimizing your processes and providing high management in your operation.



Through legacy modernization techniques and tailor-made software development, we create open platforms on software assets, which can be extended to meet diverse digital business demands through lightweight and easy to integrate APIs. APIs for the Digital Acceleration of your business with innovation, collaboration and agility.


Applications play an essential role in the new relationship with people. We are specialists in mobile development - iOS, android and hybrids. Our expertise gives our customers the assurance of secure and scalable apps that integrate with business systems of companies and create a valuable experience for users.


To reach markets and serve customers in a simple and direct way, we create bespoke web apps focused on user experience(UX)and business results. With engineering and technology to make them solid and scalable, we also implement and improve all developed applications. We use Javascript frameworks like Angular.js and React.js.



We transform innovative ideas into surprising and intuitive digital products. Experiences with purpose, ease of use and objectivity, engaged users and better results.


Through the Design Sprint methodology, we validate an idea in a short time, preventing a high investment in software development.


We test the interaction between people, processes and infrastructure and map channel opportunities that offer omnichannel experience. We optimize processes and reduce costs.


Focused on growth and scale to achieve business results and solutions that engage end users. Keeping your business in line with market trends.


The process consists of combining empathy, creativity and rationality to meet the user's needs and create successful and innovative solutions.

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